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The idea of opening a bed & breakfast came to our mind back years ago when we would like to move to a small town not far from Bangkok. We dreamed to have a little house with a huge garden that we could grow lots of plants for food and for decoration. Yes, we dreamed that it would be an organic garden.

Because we were born and grew up in Bangkok, we were used to convenience modern life gives so we dreamed to live a modern life in a slow pace with natural surrounding. We pictured our kids to run around happily picking fruits in the garden.
We dreamed to share our dream house with other people who share the same dream with us. We dreamed that they would come and stay with us when they wanted a 'shelter' from hectic world in urban city.

But somehow we didn't move.

And somehow our dream didn't die although it seemed to fade away when we had something else to focus. Then on one fine day, we looked at each other and found that our dream is still alive. It has survived after all these years.

How would we realize our dream when we couldn't move from Bangkok, at least at this point?

Why don't we make it happen HERE at our house in Bangkok then?

And that's the beginning of our journey.

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Watering can
It is used to water plants. The water coming out spreads around like fountain. It is soft for the plants so it doesn't break any parts of it. Watering can is vulnerable at its neck, therefore it is recommended to hold it at the handle.

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