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We knew that we've got a lot of limitations from being in Bangkok. But we tried hard to keep our original idea as much as possible.

Instead of plants in a big garden, we have quite a few bushes of flowers surrounding the area.

Hand-woven and natural dyed materials for curtains, blankets and napkins

Massaging touch from hemp sandals

Natural herb soaps, shampoos and lotions

Old fashioned Thai-style towels

Hand-made tableware might slower your chewing pace so that you can appreciate the taste of food even better.

Non-toxic cleaning agents

Good combination of old furniture from our own house and new decorative items

We can't promise you an ultimate place to stay from the best service and everything but we have put our heart in this place. We do hope you can feel it.

We do hope you will agree with us that Napa Place Bed & Breakfast is the sanctuary in the center of the city.

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Rattan chair
It is made from rattan. It can be used both inside and outside the house. Rattan is softer, stronger and suppler than bamboo therefore it is more popular as materials in handicraft.

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