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Welcome to Napa Place Bed & Breakfast

Almost all accommodations say they will make you feel at home.

Yes, we are no different. However, the definition of home might be different.

For us, home is a place where you live with your family. Home is a place that allows you to relax from the world outside. Home is a place that not only gives you a feeling of safety but it actuallyalso gives you safety.

Because we want to make Napa Place Bed & Breakfast a place that feels like home, by the definition above, we use only natural cleaning agents and pesticides.

The tableware is handmade using only natural colors and materials.

The towels and curtains are hand-woven and dyed with colors from nature.

Hemp sandals, given to our guests, enhance the natural feel of the wooden floors in all guest rooms.

Combining all the above together with our friendly and helpful staff, we can assure you that Napa Place Bed & Breakfast will make you feel at home. We can assure you that Napa Place Bed & Breakfast is a sanctuary in the center of the city.

In the midst of Sukhumvit Road only a few minutes walk from Thonglo BTS station.

There's a 4-story house with stairs that looks just like every other house. But when you step inside, you'll feel the difference, straight away.

Leaf through the books of our library while you relax in our cozy sofas. Traditional Thai-style curtains catch the sunlight and the breeze, painting moving pictures on the walls.

Slip in to pair of hemp sandals and give your tired feet a gentle massage.

Shower with natural herb soaps and old fashioned Thai-style towels, then let our fragrant lotions ready you for a restful sleep in the comfort of our hand-woven, natural -dyed blankets.

Blossoming flowers and singing birds to gently rouse you from your slumbers. A simple breakfast on hand-made tableware to prepare you for the day ahead.

Sound like heaven? We call it Napa Place Bed and Breakfast. A place where your full five senses can find the things they've been looking for. A few square meters of perfection amongst the chaos of Bangkok.

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