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Hot Chili
Hot chili is so widely used in Thai dishes that it is forgot that it is actually an herb. It can be found in hot curry, stir fried vegetable and hot & spicy salad.
It also appears together with fish sauce and lime as dipping for all kinds of dishes. It has several kinds but garden hot chili, Pric Kee Noo Suan, is
the hottest one. Hot chili works as catalyst for metabolism therefore it is used
as ingredient in products for slimming effect.

Sweet Basil
People consume food not only by its taste but also its appearance, aroma and texture. Sweet basil is put to add better aroma in several Thai dishes including minced pork stir fried with sweet basil, a must-try dish in Thailand. Sweet basil is actually a kind of herb, good for those with excessive gas in stomach. It comes in 2 types based on its appearance: green and purple. The former is more popular although the latter works better as herb.

Watering can
It is used to water plants. The water coming out spreads around like fountain.
It is soft for the plants so it doesn't break any parts of it. Watering can is vulnerable at its neck, therefore it is recommended to hold it at the handle.

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